Keep YOUR Money
In YOUR Wallet

          You and neighbors in your community who receive electricity from a regulated Illinois utility have the opportunity to form a “buyers group” to buy electricity. It is available under the state’s Municipal Electric Aggregation law.  Since the law was enacted in January 2010, more than 2 million Illinois home and small business owners have done so, achieving savings in the cost of their electricity supply.* You have the opportunity to do it, too, so that you can keep more of YOUR money in YOUR wallet.

          Here’s how Municipal Electric Aggregation works.Wallet

         The law (20 ILCS 3855/1-92) allows you and your  neighbors to pool, or aggregate, your electricity demand. That greater volume gives you the kind of “market power” to win lower prices for your municipality’s electricity supply.  People in some 600 Illinois communities participating in the program already are enjoying real savings—and keeping their money in their wallet.

*Plug In Illinois—Power of Choice. Illinois Commerce Commission


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The Power of Choice






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