Questions to Ask Solicitors

for Competitive Electricity

The Power of Choice




What is the cost per kilowatthour?

You will want to know the price to be able to compare it to the current price you pay to Ameren Illinois.  Is it higher or lower?

Is the price fixed for the duration of the contract or can the company change it?

Some companieso offer promotional rates, which can change after an introductory period, or have variable rates that can change monthly. Such changes can reduce savings.

Are there any other charges or fees that can be added to the quoted price?

Some firms include additional charges like  membership fees or pool charges and transmission charges. Such additional costs will reduce the amount of savings per kilowatthour.

Is there a fee to opt out of the contract early?

Some firms permit customers to cancel early without a fee. Others assess a fee to cancel early, which will reduce savings.

If there is a cancellation fee, how much is it?

Some companies charge substantial fees for cancelling a contract before the expiration date. It is a good idea to ask.

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